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Hi all,

I was reading John Gribbins book In search of shroedingers cat yesterday, and it got me thinking, I`m about to embark on a open university Degree in Physics. If you became specialised in quantum physics then what kind of jobs or career propects would you have, There are many jobs where you can put Physics to use but, I cant think of ANY where you would use Quantum Thoery.

Craig Dunn
I am about to undertake my 5th year at University and I too am doing rather advanced Quantum theory. Currently I am doing a research Project in Quantum Computing.

This of the 4 universities in my state, our research group is the only one that uses Quantum theory as we know it. (we also have a field theory research group). That said however, of the last 3 graduates in my research group, one is doing a PHD in mathematics and the other 2 are running the supercomputer that we have here.

So in answer to your question, no, there are no jobs in my country for Quantum physicists.
The government typically has a program/experiment running that requires the extensive knowledge of such a unique field... Whether or not you want step into that pit is another question.
Ummmm.....the basis of any physics degree now adays has a strong background in quantum mechanics. Most fields of physics require some knowledge of quantum mechanics. Condensed matter physics and nano technology especially. No jobs are specifically in quantum physics, however any physics education without quantum physics is incomplete and not beneficial at all. Besides, a physics education teaches you how to tackle problems. So the problem solving skills you learn doing quantum mechanics, as well as other topics in physics will build up the problem solving skills required in any physics related job.
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