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Here we go again a silly word summary.

This adds absolutly nothing to the current knowledge just a silly word to try to describe thinking. We all know the brain stores billions of items of data. The question is - how do we create original thought - what triggers a laugh or a tear. try programming that into a computer with any language.

My guess is that the author would claim there are many "confabulations". Given a sufficient number of these we have cognition.
Lose Mind
This seems like unimportant categorization to me. The real trick is to make the machine know that it is confabulating and to make an intelligent reply to coherent confabulation. That is true AI!
Anonymous Howard
Its a good idea - but the problem is its not *his* idea.

Dr. Stephen Thaler of Imagination Engines, Inc. has built a business around doing exactly this sort of work in the neural network field, and has been doing this since 1997. In fact, Hecht-Nielson's research looks to be a direct rip-off of Thaler's work! I knew that plagiarism was bad in the academic world, but this...
Gregg Dippold
It appears to me that he is taking credit for ideas already published by Dr. Stephen Thaler. When I first saw the press release at Science Daily, I was immediately struck by similiarities to a briefing I heard from Dr. Thaler in which he used the psychological term confabulation (that is, filling memory gaps with frabications perceived to be facts) to describe what was occuring inside his neural networks. Compare the Hecht-Nielsen paper with this paper published in 1997. and decide for yourself.
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