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Hi, I am looking for help setting up a simple pulley system (i.e. system uses only one cable) to lift a bed straight up about 3 feet.

I want to be able to lift the bed evenly from each corner, and use only one cable. The bed is lofted and weighs about 200 lbs. It is in a guided track, hung from the ceiling with chains. The lowest position allowed by the chains is about 4 feet above the floor.

The number of pulleys needed doesn't have any restraint--whatever the solution is will work for me.

Originally: I tried starting the cable at the ceiling above one corner, running down to the bed, around a pulley and back up--over a pulley then across a short side, over a pulley and down to the bed, around a pulley and back up--over a pulley and across a long side--over a pulley and down to the bed, around a pulley and back up--over a pulley and across a short side, over a pulley down to the bed, around a pulley and back up--and then around a pulley again and to the floor for a hand winch to crank up the bed.

This didn't work when trying to hand lift the bed. However, I am not sure if it is because of the specific way the pulleys were installed, or because the system itself is flawed and won't work no matter how well I install the pulleys.

I am looking for help on how to accomplish this, so my method doesn't need to be used. Any method that involves using one cable and lifting all four corners evenly will suit me just fine.

Thanks for the help!

position a hook directly in the centre of the bed on the celing. Then connect each corner of the bed to this hook (thus, even distribution of weight and balance on each 'corner cable'). That is all you need. Nothing complex. Then after the hook, set up a pulley system (on the single cable), the more pulleys the easier it will be to lift the bed. The more pulleys also means that the length of the cable you willbe pulling will be much greater.

Not quite sure why you would want to do something like this mind. But that is how. You would need to set it up to take into consideration the room layout and where there is relevant support on the celing to perform such a task, so don't go ripping your celing down!

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