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I had never communicated with anyone over the internet until I joined this forum. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. I survived a thousand posts, while still maintaining my smartaѕs persona. Can you believe it? I think I’m funny, though. However, it was not easy.

There was definitely a pack mentality with overconfident informational cascades and vicious circles of feedback. One member once said, “This forum is just regurgitated tidbits from here and there." Another member said, “To have an idea that is all yours is a rare experience.” Hmm, ain’t that the truth?

There was tons of information and a lot of big questions. Perplexity of complexity, I guess you could say. The universe is supposed to move from order to disorder, but we see stunning amounts of order, and complexity within our goldilocks zone. I read somewhere that whenever complexity begins to construct and thrive that at each threshold it becomes even more fragile and vulnerable.

Unlike any other creature on earth, we have the most powerful tool, language. We have a complex system with which, we can accumulate knowledge, and passed it on. I have gathered a “veritable wealth of knowledge on a wide-ranging set of topics”, from almost all of you. Sometimes I wonder, if our most powerful tool will lead to us to making arbitrary, or even erroneous decisions, and ultimately our downfall. Hell, ancient memes are still flourishing. We need to stop worshipping Gods and an afterlife, and just love life. Besides, I know there is no God because he told me so.

Oh! I asked earlier about the Templeton Foundation. They support numerous institutes that attempt to reconcile science and religion. The $1.6 million dollar Templeton award this year was given to Martin Reese. “From big bang to big bucks” and I agree that he should not receive criticism for taking the money. However, he does deserve criticism for saying things like…
We should all oppose – as Darwin did – views manifestly in conflict with the evidence, such as creationism … But we shouldn't set up this debate as 'religion v science'; instead we should strive for peaceful coexistence with at least the less dogmatic strands of mainstream religions, which number many excellent scientists among their adherents."

"Campaigning against religion can be socially counter-productive. If teachers take the uncompromising line that God and Darwinism are irreconcilable, many young people raised in a faith-based culture will stick with their religion and be lost to science. Moreover, we need all the allies we can muster against fundamentalism – a palpable, perhaps growing concern.

Martin Reese

Martin Reese/Jerry Coyne

Bad Influence

I strongly agree with Jerry Coyne. Science and religion are not friends.

“And any progress — not just scientific progress — is easier when we're not yoked to religious dogma. Of course, using reason and evidence won't magically make us all agree, but how much clearer our spectacles would be without the fog of superstition!”- Jerry A. Coyne

Jerry Coyne

The mind body problem…rolleyes.gif
“If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels.” - (Supposedly) God blink.gif

Lastly, the only topic of mine that was ever completely ignored was this one. Not even a "kiss my aѕs." So, I decided to make due. I listed all the educational resources, which I had, in rpenner’s feedback. God, I’m funny…laugh.gif

Well, you’ve heard enough bitching from me.


QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
I had never communicated with anyone over the internet until I joined this forum.


Why then did your very post, under your original username, say the following:

QUOTE (Debstar+)
Would any of you be kind enough to look at my question at the site so that you can see the responses and give me your opinion. It is a reversed spectrum through a prism listed in the general physics category. I would be so grateful for any input.

Thank you!



As far as "Surviving Physforum!" is concerned, that's like saying I survived a trip to the garbage dump. No major accomplishment, really...unless you were foolish enough to burrow your way into the trash heap and consequently had a hard time getting out. Take a bath and change your clothes and stop feeding upon other people's garbage. You'll be okay.

Caio to you, as well.
Congratulations on 1,000 posts. Lots of celebrating going on here (UK).

You got me on a technicality. Thank “GOD” you’re just the gate keeper of Dickville. If there are pearly gates and you’re asked “What have you done with your life?” Are you going to say, “What? Didn’t you read my posts?” blink.gif

I thought I would be able to change my member title when I reached a thousand, no such luck. sad.gif

(Edit) Ah ha! It worked. I guess you had to make 1001 posts. Yeah! smile.gif

Dumpster diving…laugh.gif…for once I agree with you. I’ll take a bath.

Take care,

QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
You got me on a technicality.

It wasn't my intent to "get you". Actually, I was just checking on the reliability of my own memory.

QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
Thank “GOD” you’re just the gate keeper of Dickville.

"Dickville" has no's open to all...even women. smile.gif

QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
If there are pearly gates and you’re asked “What have you done with your life?” Are you going to say, “What? Didn’t you read my posts?”

Unlike some posters here (I'm NOT referring to you), "my life" extends far beyond "my posts". In other words, I'm thoroughly convinced that several posters whom I've encountered over the years would be totally lost (they're totally lost, already) without the internet and the ability to either cut and paste or plagiarize what others have said or done. You know, no experience of their own.

QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
Dumpster diving……for once I agree with you. I’ll take a bath.

I'm sure that it's been more than once, but don't forget to wash behind your ears (and inside of them, too).

QUOTE (NymphaeaAlba+)
Take care,

You, too.


Comment withdrawn, I just checked my feedback.
Beer w/Straw
You survived a thousands posts. Well I don't think you were posting here before rpenner was moderator - then it was a real zoo. I also asked rpenner before that posters should be able to link pictures directly but who knows what exactly he's capable of...

And cheers. biggrin.gif
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