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Scientists in Britain have identified new eight-legged spider species that could soon invade Scotland. Experts say the creatures are moving northwards due to climate change. The dark-colored spider comes from the Canary Islands and Madeira and has been brought into the country in boxes of imported bananas.

Experts now believe these spiders will soon be crawling across Scotland. They have also expressed concerns about another spider specie named, the “false black widow”. This one rushes towards people who come along its path. It is not really clear whether these mass spider movements are generated by climate. This is because other media in Scotland say they are moving northwards to decongest their populations in the South of the country. Will Scotland become the next “Jurassic Park”?
Now this is really bias! Global warming hasn't yet been proved. Come-on we don't need to make G W Bush look any stupider. People might think he doesn't know what he's talking about.
They find a new species, they know NOTHING about them.. BUT, we do know why they are moving north, global warming? POLITICAL HACKS hard at work again..
Eight legged spider species - as opposed to what ???
QUOTE (vhawk+Oct 3 2005, 02:13 PM)
Eight legged spider species - as opposed to what ???

Oh shitt!!!!!! what to do now? I always said to myself self to be calm; war for no reason - fine we be alright; genocides - oh dont worry about that; idiot for a president - no big deal; SPIDERS TRAVELING UP NORTH DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING - AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ohmy.gif ! We have to do something quick. Lets go find some others bugs that travel up north.......
Now if ladybugs are going up north too, then we are definately experiencing global warming. Sounds like some proof GW Bush would use
Global warming is not really debated anymore, only the cause of that warming (primarily man induced vs natural cycle). It would be interesting to know the basis for the claim about spiders. Birds have been found to be changing their migration locations, changes in water current locations and temperatures have changed the kind and number of fish found in some areas with an accompanying change in the location and number of other animals dependent upon those fish. Atlantic hurricanes have changed in intensity. Are these changes related. if so what is the relationship? Are they normal occurring events to which we are just becoming aware?

May you live in interesting times.
You have the right track but using one species of spider to support your hypothesis on global warming is obsurd.
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