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Hi, the thing is that I've always had a profound respect for Tesla.
Now i found a book on the net that allegedly tells about some strange experiments that Tesla is supposed to have made with electricity which somehow 'stole?' energy from 'the aether?' (that's what the book said, ain't me:)

The strange thing about this book is that the author ( The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity Peter A. Lindemann, D.Sc. Published By: Clear Tech, Inc. ) do seems knowledgeable to me but before this book I've never heard about any attempts to make 'cold electricity' by Tesla?

I would welcome any attempts to clarify this statement by the book, which actually reads more or less as a SF (but a rather nice one). Do read it if u like, it's out there :)

Most of all, Does anyone have reference's pointing to this alleged research on the 'net'?
And btw, serious links (biographical with references)
And what if you invest the same amount of your time, not in biographies, but in learning electromagnetics?
Nice one :)

So you checked it out then?

I'm curios to what if Tesla actually ever did any such research as that book says, if you read my Q again I hope you will see that.

If you feel that this is wrong to ask you're entitled to your opinion of course.
On the other tentacle, so am I ,)

Entitled to mine, that is ;)

BTW: here's a reference to Tesla that i found recently.

Now, is it as this author says? That Tesla did this research. I have a biography (pdf) that is about his life but where the author doesn't mention any of this research so I'm naturally curious to whether it's correct.
Ok so here is my own little research (and defense) of Nikolai Tesla..I consider him to have been one of the best practical scientists of our time, probably even the best. And yes, he seemed to have been somewhat of a mystic, and later on (around 1914?) haunted by his obsessive-compulsive disorder?, And considering his views of Einstein i beg to differ. Still, what if you had grown up having to incorporate 'flashback's' of memory and 'visions', as real feeling as our normal Daily life , why, even you might have been considered a little bit 'whacky' at times. But that same disposition of his helped him to construct his devices and to test them, all of it inside his mind. You don't believe me? Goggle on it.

As for the claims of him being a showman, of course he was. He badly needed the publicity, and the money too. BTW: Isn't that what we now a days call 'marketing' and what f ex Microsoft spends an awful lot of money, you now. like millions, on every year? Anybody heard of Vista? At least Tesla didn't kill any elephants ( check up Edison :). And as for him being inspired by Goethe's ideas, well, he's not the first and assuredly not the last. I've seen other references to Goethe in books about physics and light. But as i haven't read Goethe extensively myself, i will be careful ;) But if you're curious, check out ' ' and then maybe ' ' as examples of Goethe's view on things.

1. First of all, there is a free book in pdf format describing his life. If it's a true autobiography? (in the meaning, did Tesla write it?) It could be, Tesla was hard pressed for money at his later age, on the other hand, it might also be a blatant try from some 'admirer' to whitewash some strange ideas (not) of Tesla's making. It's named " The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla ". According to " the book was subsequently found to contain a number of errors, omissions, revisions and also some additions that did not appear in the original serial text as published in the ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER magazine " where Nikola Tesla's autobiography 'My Inventions' first appeared.
If you go to ' ' you can find both versions and then make your own choices.

2. Here is a counterweight found at a BBC site. ' . '
It gives a somewhat cooler perspective of his power transmission experiments but still seems quite factual ;)

3. As for the actual patents you can find a summary here..Hopefully correct.
' '.

What i found captivating was this concept of getting more energy out of a system than you put into it.
Even though I'd read up on him years before, this i had somehow ignored. It seemed to be an aspect of the so called Tesla coils he invented/researched, Somehow those coils, according to Tesla, gave out more power than what went in to them. They also were able to transmit electrical energy ( and microwaves ?) over the air. As far as i know wireless transmission of electricity is still a very hot topic ;)

According to ' ' "Tesla's mistake in proposing this system stemmed partly from his failure to understand the concept of resonance. He seemed to think that resonance was a property that allowed more energy to be taken out of a system than could be put in - for instance, he once proposed to 'split the Earth like an apple' with resonance. He also did not realize that the Earth does not have the high conductivity required to store electric charge while it was not being used. Finally, although there is resonance at the 925 Hz frequency Tesla used, the Earth does not have the high Q factor needed for consistent power transmission at this frequency " .

As i understand it the Q factor is an indication of the extent to which a resonator amplifies at a resonant frequency, compared to its response away from a resonance. The higher the Q factor, the less excitation is needed to achieve a given level of response from the system, as Q measures the ability of the system to store energy. But that doesn't imply that the energy came from nowhere? It seems more to be an transference of existing energy from 'a' to 'b' right?

On the other tentacle...

" The ground (Earth) has long been used in this manner, as a conductor. Tesla generates a powerful pulse of electricity, and drains it into the ground. Because the ground is conductive, it doesn't stop. Rather, it spreads out like a radio wave, traveling at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. And it keeps going, because it's a powerful wave; it doesn't peter out after a few miles. It passes through the iron core of the earth with little trouble. After all, molten iron is very conductive. When the wave reaches the far side of the planet, it bounces back, like a wave in water bounces when it reaches an obstruction. Since it bounces, it makes a return trip; eventually, it returns to the point of origin..--.... And then he had one of his typically Tesla ideas. He thought, when the wave returns to me (about 1/30th of a second after he sends it in), it's going to be considerably weakened by the trip. Why doesn't he send in another charge at this point, to strengthen the wave? The two will combine, go out, and bounce again. And then he'll reinforce it again, and again. The wave will build up in power.-. He wanted to find out the upper limit of resonance." ( excerpt from )

" The inventor claimed to have demonstrated the practical application of his theory in an experiment which lighted two hundred earth-connected incandescent lamps twenty-six miles from the laboratory.(Tesla's Colorado station ( excerpt from ))

And, just to up the stakes. Isn't the whole earth a big electromagnetic field? and the solarsystem gives us an even larger, and the Univ.. Ahhw, whatever..So? why not. Maybe it's possible to tap/canalize it in some strange way, even though it wouldn't be 'zero point energy' as it would constitute a transfer of 'existing' energy.( no fuzzy quantum baubles here :)

Here's a wiki about Tesla coils:' '. Btw, did you know that the Tesla coil is used today in both radio and television sets? I also found a ' Practical ' site trying to 'reinvent' the Tesla coil ' '. I got the impression that they were quite serious, and also that they went about it in much the same pioneer manner as Tesla :) And there are also the ' Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices ' ' ' which has Nikola Tesla's experiments. As for the reliability of those Free-Energy Devices? But the site seems friendly enough.

There are a lot more sites out there, the question being, how many of them are serious, and how many have actually tested / built the Tesla coil according to the specs that Tesla used a hundred years ago? Shouldn't that be the first priority if one want to learn the truth of his statements?.

Or? Can somebody point me to how he otherwise might have gotten that extra energy he alludes to in his first coil experiments? ( Btw, has anyone tried to apply chaos theory on the way Tesla coils works according to Tesla's own 'Laws'? It seems that he through empirical observations built on how to increase/refine the effect etc, and then kind of 'reverse engineered' the math to fit those same observations. I tried to goggle on it but found nothing relevant, Perhaps one can find some of his math in his 'Colorado springs notes'? Just a though ).

"Aside from his work on electromagnetism (f ex AC which constitutes the energy enabling you to read this) and engineering ( f ex the Tesla turbine, a simple yet advanced design ), Tesla is said to have contributed in varying degrees to the establishment of robotics (f ex the radio controlled robot-boat 1898 ), remote control, radar (Nikola Tesla, in August 1917, proposed principles regarding frequency and power levels for primitive radar units. also he proposed the use of 'standing electromagnetic waves' along with pulsed reflected surface waves to determine the relative position, speed, and course of a moving object and other modern concepts of radar.). And also computer science (f ex the electronic AND logic gate circuit that he patented 1902) and to the expansion of ballistics, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. In 1943, the Supreme Court of the United States credited him as being the inventor of the radio" ( partial excerpt from ).

You actually don't need to like Tesla as a person. It's sufficient to admit to his brilliance. One has to remember that many of the great ( if you excuse my slight temporal glitch :) Victorian ( as in a state of mind ) 'Empire Builders' were of a rather flamboyant, arrogant and dominating nature, especially in the States as they there represented 'the dream come true'..Just look at the Morgan empire. At the beginning of 1900, John P. Morgans power were growing to its highest. He had direct control of over 700 directorships in more than a 100 corporations. He steered among others Westinghouse where Tesla worked 1888- 97 (?) developing his invention AC, Tesla also had to invent the induction motor there to handle the long distance high voltage transmissions as no other 'motor' could handle AC at that time, J.P, Morgan also controlled the AT&T and the General Electric. Anyone needing a loan higher than aaah, let's say seven million dollar would probably have to go through Morgan and his banking fraternity. And to become one of the close ' Morgan fraternity ' you had to be chosen, It was not merely a matter of money. It was a 'gentleman's club' of which no Jews or 'Spic's' ever could become members. Around 1910 some 40 percent of all capital in the US was under the direct influence ( thumb :) of Morgan’s money trusts.

To give you a feel for what a dollar was worth in todays currency that 50 000$ that Edison had promised Tesla for his redesign of the Edison company's (DC) generator 1885 would today be somewhere in the vicinity of a 1000 000$. Yup, that's one cool million dollar ( ). Tesla slaved almost a year, day and night ah well, he had always had this problem with sleeping, to gain that dough, in the process creating new profitable patents for Edison . But Edison reneged on the deal and even refused Tesla a raise from his meager $18 to $25 later on. So Tesla resigned..And those were the kind of 'bigger than life' guys Tesla had to contest with. And you got to hand it to him, as far as I've know an ass_kisser he was not . It was in many ways a harsh ignorant period of well defined human strata, with money as the ultimate grail. Not so different from today really. But there was one big difference. Before the big stock market crash in -29 there were no need for you to hide your money. In fact people loved you to flaunt it, after all, you was 'the American dream' come true ;)

for further research on Tesla check out ' ' it's interesting even if some may consider it biased , And for those of you that still dare to enjoy Jules Verne :) please visit' ' '. Oh yes, on this very site where you are reading this, there too exist some intriguing discourses regarding Tesla. Search and ye will find..I have to admit to finding this site a most :)

Conclusively: I seriously doubt that Tesla will be forgotten, there are a lot of theories and enterprises lending from his breakthroughs and name, even if some of those just are out there to con you. But that's the way of the world, isn't it :) And to clarify my view, I still haven't found any reliable data from either side of the fence regarding those 'high energy Tesla coils' that Tesla experimented on. I find that rather strange as those experiments seems to be that very cornerstone the whole 'mystique' rests on. Especially when considering that there has been a hundred years of ongoing experimentation. We don't have to use the Earth to prove it true or wrong, just build one of the early coils to Tesla's schematics. Here i believe that we do need some 'exploratory experimentation' instead of complaints about 'crank science'..But, feel free to prove me wrong ;)

Ps: hmm, a Little to long perhaps ( like two miles? ). Oops ..

I am not sure if this is how Tesla's cold electriicity worked, but if one has two magnetic fields that repel each other, this can create potential energy under certain conditions. Theoretically, if one set up a magnetic field that repelled the earth's magnetic field direction one could get some potential energy out of the earth's magentic field. It may not be much, but it does not violate any laws of the conservation of energy.

For example, if one had two wires with electricity running through them in the same direction, they will repel due to magnetic repulsion. Next we tie the two wires together with an elastic band. When we give it the juice, we can store the magnetic repulsion energy into the stretch. If we had one wire DC like the earth magnetic field (analogous) and the other wire AC, i.e., 1 cycle/sec, then the elastic band would stretch-contract in a power cycle.
Sorry, one of my links lost an 'l' in the 'translation' ;) It was the one referring to " a ' Practical ' site trying to 'reinvent' the Tesla coil ", the link should be ' '

Thanks for the input MDT, Tesla seemed to have been working with very high energy fields, you wrote " It may not be much, but it does not violate any laws of the conservation of energy. " There must still be people around playing around high energy fields somewhere. Or did this kind of research die with Tesla? As for the strange 'aetheric field(s)' he saw overlaying the coil and other metallic objects he tested, do you have any idea what that effect could have come from? (excited electrones, plasma?) And one more thought, what kind of field would one need for being able to juice up ' two hundred earth-connected incandescent lamps twenty-six miles from the laboratory'?. I guess that the energy build would have to be enormous for that kind of transfer? And wouldn't that kind of 'field' have all kinds of repercussions on animals and metallic objects around it. That is, if the transfer went through an ordinary electromagnetic field. Cause, what Tesla felt the need to 'invent' to explain those transfers were 'aether', so he too couldn't have believed it to be explainable as a normal? electromagnetic field anymore.
Nice link regarding tesla coils and railguns
QUOTE (yor_on+Jun 30 2007, 05:28 PM)
Nice link regarding Tesla coils and railguns

Hi Yor_on,

Any body or book waving free energy should always be treated with suspicion. I'm not sure of the experiments done by Tesla but I assure once studied by an expert mind, the 'excess' energy can always be accounted for, no matter what.
I myself have tried to break Ohms law using non linear/negative resistors and Ohms law simply will not break, not bad for 180year old law eh?

I wouldn't be surprised if what you say turns out to be true. On the other hand i haven't found anyone yet that are working with Tesla's coils at that energy (1 million volts?). It seems to me that it should be quite possible to.

1. disprove / prove his theories by redoing his experiments again

2. Or take him on his words as concerning those effects he and other contemporaries observed and explain them according to our modern Physics.

But, it seems that once in disrepute...

Btw. those statements he made are from the same time as developed his AC. So it's no deluded mumblings from an decrepit old man, if you get my drift ;)
QUOTE (yor_on+Jun 19 2007, 04:53 AM)
Hi, the thing is that I've always had a profound respect for Tesla.
Now i found a book on the net that allegedly tells about some strange experiments that Tesla is supposed to have made with electricity which somehow 'stole?' energy from 'the aether?' (that's what the book said, ain't me:)

The strange thing about this book is that the author ( The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity Peter A. Lindemann, D.Sc. Published By: Clear Tech, Inc. ) do seems knowledgeable to me but before this book I've never heard about any attempts to make 'cold electricity' by Tesla?

I would welcome any attempts to clarify this statement by the book, which actually reads more or less as a SF (but a rather nice one). Do read it if u like, it's out there smile.gif

Most of all, Does anyone have reference's pointing to this alleged research on the 'net'?
And btw, serious links (biographical with references)

Heh, anyone else wonder what the reprecussions of harvesting ZPE energy would be if it was possible?

Consider the Anthropic Principle. Our universe appears to be perfectly tuned for life as we know it to exist. A source of infinite free energy would effectively introduce additional mass into our universe. Eventually this additional mass would alter the delicate balance of these fundamental constants and render our universe unable to support life.

Any thoughts?
" Originally proposed as a rule of reasoning, the term has since been extended to cover supposed "superlaws" that in various ways require the universe to support intelligent life, usually assumed to be carbon-based, and occasionally to be specifically human beings "

Wow, we are _that_ important :) A whole Universe engineered to our needs?
At the same time as we are going about with eradicating ourselves from the face of the planet? Naaee don't think so. And as to that source of free energy, personally i believe that if Tesla was right, we will find it to be some kind of energy transfer from already known sources. Beats me what they could be, but that's what i believe.

Yor on

A lot of Tesla's work was in the effort of understanding resonance. He applied it to many concepts. Transmission of power with out wires, was resonance induction at a distance. I agree with Tesla on the importance of understanding resonance. Not all scientific advances are harmless however. Tesla also invented a death ray and small harmonic devices that could destroy buildings. I would be very careful conducting experiments at the energy levels Tesla did.

I agree with MDT in that I do not think it was "free energy" rather a highly efficient system of generating power, the "free" energy came from somewhere. Even my own SSWAP theory suggests the amount of energy extractable from the ZPE is only a minute fraction of the total, if it could be done at all. I also agree with Wulf that it may not be a good idea to do so, even if we do find a way.

Tesla was a great man. He may still have much to teach us. I only suggest that his work is not harmless and care is advised.

professor andy
Here here!

Tesla was a great lad!

I read about him in a book too (amazingly!) lol

Seems people ripped the hand out of him all the time. That bugger Marconii for instance! And that other tom-tit Edison!

I reacon he's my fav scientist!

Quite so :) Ahhh on the practical 'plane', Einstein on the theoretical, for me that is :) He so much of a 'Jules Verne character Tesla.
I have been working on a theory about cold electricity.
First, there have been too many very credible reports to dismiss it as fiction, so I do believe something we don't currently have an explanation for is happening.
Second, to understand my hypothesis lets suppose that electronics traveling along a conventional conductor causes friction which inurns causes heat.
Third, understand that we probably have not defined all sub-atomic particles as of yet.
Now, suppose that high voltage arching releases some electronic sub-particle or string. This electron string would have properties similar to electronics but are much smaller. Therefore they would have little or no friction as they traveled along a wire, perhaps giving off energy but not causing heat.
These electronic strings would be attracted to normal electronics thus giving us the ability to move then along conductors but they don't move through the conductors such as low frequency electronics do.
What needs to happen is an experiment that would release some electron strings and see if we can measure an electro magnetic effect greater than the number of electronics traveling down the conductor alone would generate. This is the cause of an electric motor giving more energy out than the apparent applied energy. No energy is being created; we are just using more current than what is outwardly apparent.
Go ahead and tear apart this theory as you see fit. That is how truth is found.
Caroll H.
Hi Caroll, well it seems that when moving electrons trough a wire sometimes the 'juice' will move outside the wire, there are some threads here describing this effect. I was thinking that that sounded similar to what Tesla saw in his experiment's but as to explain wherefrom the extra energy he was referring to, i don't know? As for those 'string's' of yours i don't really know how to imagine them :) I think that we have to do his experiment's using the same materials and energy as he did and see if we get the same result's before we can say anything definite of whether it was correct or not.
Last I knew, most of Tesla's notes were on display in a museum dedicated to him by his family back in Serbia/Croatia. They include everything that wasn't classified or missing from the hotel safe when he passed away. (For the million dollar prize, find Tesla's Edison award)

As for the extra energy stuff, I'd take a look at his experiments in Colorado Springs. Maybe try to break his record for man made lightning. Figure, we're living in a really big solar powered capacitor. Start resonating off the walls a bit, and it's very possible you'll pick up some of the energy that's sitting there already. It's not energy from nowhere anymore than a sail boat is perpetual motion. The real trick is that it's probably going to piss off a LOT of broadcasters if someone tried to replicate his experiments. And it's really not something you can do in secret when it interferes with everything in a huge radius around you. (Note: Interfering with airport radar systems is a federal offense and they get really pissy about it.)
Yep, if its like that its gonna piss a lot of people of. Especially if we find a way to 'tap' it in cheap way :)
Something related, and IMO, equally interesting is going on in this thread.
Empress Palpatine
Nikola Tesla is a very interesting person. In fact I am reading a good book on him now:


Another book that was good was:

TESLA: MAN OUT OF TIME by Margaret Cheney.

What I wonder is...was everything he tried ever followed up on by people later? It seems some things he completed like AC electricity. Some things he made progress on but it was never used by anybody, and some things he thought up but did not actually test out.

As to Tesla coils, the internet is full of people making those...big ones! Seriously, this person Tesla has a fan base.
I can't tear anyones theory apart, since I don't understand what you are saying tongue.gif

Try this link for some perspective on Tesla's propagation concepts ( and some good lessons)

or here
QUOTE (Empress Palpatine+Dec 13 2007, 04:06 AM)
What I wonder is...was everything he tried ever followed up on by people later? It seems some things he completed like AC electricity. Some things he made progress on but it was never used by anybody, and some things he thought up but did not actually test out.

As to Tesla coils, the internet is full of people making those...big ones! Seriously, this person Tesla has a fan base.

It depends, Tesla worked on a LOT of things. Stuff like AC is used by a large portion of the planet daily. Less known stuff like his pumps are used today by oil rigs. Tesla pumps are very good at pulling up thick sludge that would clog or destroy other types of pumps. I haven't seen much serious work done on his other motors. For the most part Tesla seemed to have a much better grasp of resonance and harmonics in magnetic and physical structures.

The million dollar question about Tesla is where is his Edison award?
The million dollar question is where is Tesla award. Eddison couldnt compete with such a great mind. As Tesla himself said or so it says that Eddison was searching a needle in haystack by observing every "needle" instead of searching for a principle. Tesla was not fond of Einstein theory either. The real question is, how could a man whoose inventions worked most if not even all of the time could be wrong? How can you have a wrong picture about things and everything you invent works by the principles you follow? Does anyone asks oneself this question?
Actually what I meant was where is Nikola Tesla's actual Edison award. It's a gold medallion, and one of Tesla's only prized possessions when he died. The medal itself isn't really that significant, so much as it's location. Since it went missing with a large number of research papers that are still missing as well.

Another failure of international science is not to have discovered that the solenoid coils of its research laboratories are improperly-therefore inefficiently-wound. Did Mr. Tesla realize this? Indeed he did and that is when the real thrust was made to get rid of him. Not having discovered that the universe is an optical universe of gravity-controlled light instead of an electromagnetic one, it has wound its coils cylindrically instead of conically. Also, it has wound them without taking consideration of the collisions which necessitate opposite clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for each coil to create maximum gravity power without violating Nature's one direction. Also, it has not discovered that there are four pairs of gravity poles on each gravity bar instead of only one pair at its ends. There MUST be in order to account for the octave multiplying-and-dividing power which the wave is created to fulfill. These four focal pairs are located on each side of its centering zero, the square of the distance from each other. They not only create the elements of compressed light and heat but also create the spectrum which is the measure of heat as well as being the sex and life principles of Creation. Nature winds its coils all going around their axes in the same direction but each coil having a clockwise direction from one center and a counter-clockwise direction from the other. This accounts for an equator for the expansion ends, the cathodes of cold space, and another equator for the compression ends, the anodes of hot suns. A little consideration given to this process of Nature will dispel any wonderment as to the source of the sun's energy and, also, it will account for the curvature of gravity in space.

This is to demonstrate Nature's way of winding her solenoids. She uses but one direction for compression and the same one for expansion, for compression thrusts inward from without and expansion thrusts outward from within. There is no force in Nature which pulls inward from within. Gravity accounts for that force. Therefore, Newton was in error when he said that gravity pulls inward from within.

Note that the steel core is conical. Power multiplies that way. Also note that the wiring divides in the middle of the coil and increases its turns in the direction of compression. Gravity heats that way. That is the way suns come into being. That is the way anodes multiply from cathodes. From cathodes to anodes, the direction is clockwise as it is in suns and planets.

By omitting the centering units, power can be generated for heat and light in homes and cities. By including them, they will become incandescent and that gravity heat could be enclosed in a boiler to which heat units would also be attached and thus become a reactor as powerful as an atomic reactor, according to the number of coils used, in series, by leading to a steam turbine. Atomic reactors could then make use of this principle and without the danger of using atomic power.

This Device Will Provide for the Following Practical Applications:

1. Power projection from anywhere to wherever one wishes to project it without the need of wires or cables.

2. The power of converting solar rays to light and power.

3. The power of transmuting one element of matter to another.

Are the old links working again?

Yor_on, we've been wondering how you were doing! Come visit, or even rejoin at the Joint! smile.gif

Gee I am so glad to see these old ideas becoming new again. Tesla was an absolutely phenomenal inventor and it's a good thing he did so much pioneering work because he is the most well known and respected inventor who actually gives us a gateway into understanding a whole new area of physics that could potentially revolutionize society or be it's further destruction.

And all this talk about Tesla, aether, and getting more energy out then you put in gives me a wonderful platform to discuss the novel research which I have been doing for the last six or so years. I'm going to try and cover a lot of things in this post so please bear with me. Where I speak about my own tesla-related research I'm not asking you to believe me, only offering the information for the benefit of anybody who would be interested. And I will try my best to enter into the discussion and to start I will offer my opinion about what Tesla was really doing.

To say that Tesla's wireless power transmission was simple resonant electromagnetic induction is not correct because regular magnetic induction does not work across long distances. It is however resonant induction of the aether which is the correct term. There are many people who are still doing Tesla research today but you won't hear about them in common circles. Eric Dollard is one of the best Tesla researchers and you can find his videos on youtube. I was blessed to see a demonstration of sending electricity without wires that was conducted by Konstantin Meyl at the 2006 Extraordinary Technology conference in Utah.

In my opinion the cold electricity phenomenon has something to do with the fact that Tesla was dealing not just with high voltage but high frequency. At high frequencies electricity tends to travel only along the surface of the conductor. That is why Tesla could allow his coils to pass electricty through his body and the electricity would radiate from his skin but not harm his internal organs. There are actually many wonderful therapuetic devices based on this effect using a tesla coil. Now if we have electricity with a frequency high enough, it could be changing directions almost once every planck second. At this level of rapid frequency so-called quantum mechanics may start to come into play to where it appears that instead of changing direction very rapidly the electricity is actually travelling in both directions simultaneously! In my opinion this is what cold electricity is. It is two simultaneously electric currents which are travelling in opposite directions in the same conductor. The two currents spiral and twist so as to avoid running into eachother. Therefore the resistance of one current cancels out the resistance of the other and that is why you have no heating of the conductor. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my guess.

Other famous researchers have done experiments which also caused electromagnetic based cooling. This would include the one mentioned by Peter Lindemann in the book you mentioned, Henry Moray. Also EV Gray, Marcus Hollingshead, and John Searl produced devices which created electromagnetic cooling.

When I was little I believed everything they taught me in school. I believed that energy was a well-defined concept, and that it could not be created or destroyed. Then I learned about certain problems in physics such as "what caused the big bang" and it seemed to me as if I was being told that at some point in the past, suddenly all this energy was created from nowhere. Also you learn about the expansion of the universe and how it is accelerating, yet there is no known source of this energy. Quickly it became apparent to me that if you cannot quantify energy that you cannot write conservation laws for it either. That's when I started thinking about the number 1/0.

When we evaluate this number using limits we see that it seems to be equal to both positive and negative infinity simultaneously. It seems to do the impossible in this regard and in so doing implies that everything is absolute potential waiting to happen. Realizing this was the cause for the big bang I spiraled into a flurry of research that led me to the discovery of zero-point energy, and the unified field effects associated with it. So in a way this number 1/0 being it's own opposite also signifies my explanation of cold electricity, that it is electricity which flows in two opposite directions at the same time. It's kind of contradicting and illogical like that, but in a awfull beautiful, pretty ugly way.

Around this same time I also realized that the number 1/0 when translated into english seems to mean "unified field," and this is the same term Tesla must have meant when he referred to the "aether" or in other words, an "all-pervading substance." For what is zero except for nothing? And what is something that is undivided if not divided by nothing, indivisible, and a unified field? At this same time I also realized that the same idea is defined by certain archetypes, symbols that show parity, symmetry, and balanced reciprocity. Chief among these is the one most used by advertisers today and that was what allowed me to unlock the zero-point energy of the unified field.

The question as to where the energy comes from is mute, because it is possible energy is not so much a substance as it is a phenomenon. In reality there is nothing called energy. There is only absolute power. Like Tesla used his coils, I was able to tap into this power using a remarkably simple device which creates a very special changing magnetic field pattern.

Can you imagine how excited I was when I actually got to demonstrate to myself that zero-point energy is real and that it is possible to draw energy from somewhere that can't be seen?

When scientists measure the voltages found in thunderstorms they find it is not near enough to actually cause the dielectric of the air to break down and form a bolt that travels from the cloud to the ground. In other words, there is no explaining where the energy comes from which creates a lightning bolt. Friction of little ice crystals simply does not cut it. Well I discovered a little something about what the energy actually is and how it can be used. I tried to tell the best lightning researchers in the world about it and I am here to offer any assistance I can.

That is my story about how I have gone above and beyond what Nikola Tesla performed. But if it weren't for him, I would have nobody to compare myself to.

If you want some more information please see my youtube interview at the last Extraordinary Technology Conference which is also called the Tesla Tech Conference. Anybody interested in the cutting edge of physics should attend these conferences as this is where you will see that this line of research has not died at all; in fact it seems to be getting stronger in the last few years. It is my sincere hope that this aether, zero-point energy, or whatever you want to call it research will benefit mankind in the near future. As for me, I call it the practical application of the Theory of Everything.

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Look, I read your link indium, do you have any actual photos of your experiment with iron grinds, as well as of the contraption you used? And schematics never harms :)

You wrote

"Now take a compass and approach the middle of one side of the coil, it will either be a north or south pole. Now take a compass and approach the middle of the other side of the coil and remarkably it will be the same pole. Attempting to find the opposite pole will be impossible because that pole has been made weaker than the pole which emanates from the center. So the center of the coil is where the monopole emanates from and the opposite pole will be found in only very weak bands along the perimeter - it is not complete. You will not understand what I mean unless you build the coil but you may get a picture of what I am saying.

The reason this works is because, I have discovered that Maxwell's laws are incomplete. Maxwells laws state that an electromagnet travelling in a loop and connecting with itself produces no external magnetic field. In other words, a torroidal coil produces no magnetic field external to the coil, which is true. But maxwells equations do not explain what happens when two torroidal coils intersect in the same plane. And nobody has ever actually tested this before until me. In this case a monopole is created as I have proven experimentally without a doubt. Either a south monopole or a north monopole may be created."

"Magnetic monopoles are hypothetical particles proposed by physicists that carry a single magnetic pole, either a magnetic north pole or south pole. In the material world this is quite exceptional because magnetic particles are usually observed as dipoles, north and south combined. However there are several theories that predict the existence of monopoles. Among others, in 1931 the physicist Paul Dirac was led by his calculations to the conclusion that magnetic monopoles can exist at the end of tubes – called Dirac strings – that carry magnetic field. Until now they have remained undetected."
Magnetic Monopoles Detected In A Real Magnet For The First Time

Magnetic monopoles in a real magnet 2009

I have severe doubts about the experiment as you present it? If it was this simple it should have been seen a long time ago. Then again, present the schematics and what proof you have for it. Place the rings on the floor with a see through plastic film over it with your grindings resting on that in a clump. Then film as you turn it on, showing the grindings sort them selves out. And your compass. Then maybe you will get some more comments about it :)

As for surpassing Tesla :)
Not yet my friend, he was one of a kind..
"I think that we have to do his experiment's using the same materials and energy as he did and see if we get the same result's before we can say anything definite of whether it was correct or not."

Well said
Test Tesla by experiment and understand.
I just wrote a long, eloquent, and appreciative post but I got logged off due to running out of time here at the public library so now I'm giving the consolidated version and hope that will be better anyway.

There are two Tesla related experiments which I have successfully performed. One of them demonstrates the incompleteness of Maxwell's laws and the other demonstrates the incompleteness in the laws of thermodynamics. Both experiments are related to eachother. The one which demonstrates the incompleteness in Maxwell's laws I have fully disclosed the schematics for. You will also see a picture of that coil at the bottom of an unrelated article which I linked to on the other thread.

If I can get the wherewithal to obtain some magnetite sand I will do the field mapping and photograph it for your enjoyment. If I do you will see the field lines run in a very beautiful manner.

What led me to these discoveries is by understanding there is a mathematical and geometric description for the unified field. As for surpassing Tesla, it actually wasn't that hard although I have not surpassed him in fame. I can only hope to surpass his benefit to the world if indeed the world would want someone for that to be their aim. In the meantime, you all have everything you need to prove one of the experiments for yourself. If you all can do that and find it is neat, then I can show you how free energy is also real but don't let me get too far ahead of myself...
Well, photos is a good start but use plastic wrap so there can be no questions abut the equipment under or above the grindings, and schematics would be appreciated of course. As for the rest we will see when it comes to that. I'm still wondering about Tesla's claims :)

Ok well I didn't mean to interrupt your thread Yoron and I hope you don't see it as that. I just wanted to let you know that I am fortunate to have personally validated Tesla's claims, after a fashion, and that there are people still continuing this sort of research. It is real. My purpose is not to prove or disprove this or that in fact my research has shown that the word "proof" itself is a misnomer because really everything, free energy, is based in free determination of will. But that's a whole 'nother story which I probably shouldn't get into now. At any rate, the schematics are perfectly described in the other thread unless you have any questions specific. Oh ok I see the smiley face at the end of your post meaning you are excited about Tesla's claims. Well that's a good thing especially considering we're out in the open on this general physics. Good luck finding out more about Tesla's research!
To Yor On amd MDT:

Gentlemen: This has nothing to do with cold electricity, however, reading your posts has initiated this request. My interests are in electrostatics and my rdearch is in the building of electrostatic ore separators. I have perused all ( more or less ) of Edisons' patents on the subject. ( He was, like Cottrell, a man ahead of his time. ) However, be that as it may, my current project is a magnetic ore drum separator. I am rather up the proverbial rope as to the exciting V. A thought from either or both of you gentlelmen as to this querilous wall.

Appreciate, Mau

Indium: Now that is an interesting moniker.

What you are looking for is known ( to a prospector ) as black sand. Using a metal detector or a magnet this type of material can be found in just about any stream of water in the world, usually on or close to the surface. Be careful as you might find some gold flakes or grains with this type of material.

Have fun ! Mau
QUOTE (Enthalpy+Jun 19 2007, 01:45 PM)
And what if you invest the same amount of your time, not in biographies, but in learning electromagnetics?

The Gray tube had a hard vacuum it it which accelerates electrons to produce gamma radiation and photoelectric effect.

Maybe you could point us to where electromagnetics teaches that.

Also a good one.
The delineation of x-rays versus gamma rays has changed over the years. Could you source a report which measured a basis in which to call the radiation gamma rays?

Also the only people pursuing "Gray's Tube" that I find turn out to be people clueless about radiation protection protocols and since hoping that they succeed is tantamount to hoping they kill themselves and those around them in a slow, painful manner, I'm not inclined to root for them.

Modern electrodynamics is called Quantum Electrodynamics and is quite capable of describing the photoelectric effect and creation of X-rays even as short in wavelength as those called Gamma Rays by definitions used in previous decades.

QUOTE (RealityCheck+Jan 30 2011, 05:49 PM)

Hi all. I recalled reading something at:

I thought perhaps this might add further context to your discussion. The intriguing bit is explained beginning from the top of the second column. Cheers.


can you shed a little light on the Stanford paper?
trying to follow the thread while learning.
Thanks RealityCheck
I went back and read it again and I am still not clear on this one.
I admit I am a bit out of my league but this thread has been educational for me.
Jason Cumming
I'm not sure if anyones still on this, I recently picked up the subject and have been doing a lot of reading into it. Basically, from what I've read and seen through video trial and recreated experiments is that the key to exciting any aether, which I'm going to refer to as "dark energy". whichever you want to call it. it doesnt really matter. It's a form of energy that is physically acting on our material world even though it cannot be measured or seen. but maybe the reason we can't measure it is all our insturments start at zero with the aether already factored in. so in theory you could not remove the aether to reset the measurements to give you an accurate representation of what it would be without the aether.

From what I've found from teslas patents and peter lindemans book, (the free energy secrets of cold electricity) I think the Key to all this is the high voltage spark gap. I think this excites the naturally flowing dark energy/aether/tachyon field and the particles in said field begin to react more with the material world in which we make our measurments.

The other common piece is an object to intercept said waves. In the case of tesla, he would have recievers stationed at homes far away from the radiant effect. in ed greys case he had grids that caught it right away as soon as the radiant even occured. I dont know the specifics on the magnifying transmitter, due to the fact that tesla was very secretive in this stage of his life because his projects kept getting shut down due to economic issues.

I'm a high school student, so some of my information may be misinformed. if it is than please tell me. I do plan on trying to recreat some of these things under my own designes and see if anything practical can be used in this. Also, if you're interested in more people working on this i can suggest that you look up Eric Dollard and Dr. Eng. Roberto Handwerker. I found them very interesting. I havnet personally done math, because I find the equasions boring for the most part. Dr. Handwerker manipulated one of maxwells equasions to fit too if you feel like it doesnt fit the standards of modern science.. input?
you should have left this thread, all the members of this forum can not understand the concept of a cold electricity, nor can any formulate a reasonable conclusion.

i normally help with clues, but in this case your beating a dead horse. wink.gif wink.gif

have a hot summer day.... unsure.gif
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