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Aether Wave theory (AWT) supposes somewhat different, recursive model of Universe evolution, because the repulsive force of gravity can be overcomed by the increased weight of Universe in avalanche like process, resulting in inflation. The model described by Ashtekar simply ignores the inflation, as it's obvious, the inflation was an unsteady, irreversible process.

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No I don't agree with this because your a selfish person.

I was really intrested in what you had to say, but not any more, as your seem to berate people.

You don't have a correct version of the universe and that's all Im going to say.
i think that the quantum are parts of the continuity of space-time,then geometry would be formed by gravity quantic loop,that are deformations of the curvatures of space-time and of the curvatures superpartners generated at the same.then superluminal speeds are linked at inflation,without any trouble of causality.the have double metric linked non-linear lorentz's transformations-associated for both
lorentz's transformations-orthochrous and antichrous-with gravitational fields with curvatures of space-time,that follow the speed of light that suffer distortions into of the space-time,generating a breakdown of this continuity,by discretizations.
Milburn Lominick
But what is the end of space. Nothing is forever. And whatever contains all that is,, what is that in? .. and so on. Nothing is real at all!
Milburn Lominick
QUOTE (Milburn Lominick+Dec 9 2006, 06:13 AM)
But what  is the end of space. Nothing is forever. And whatever contains all that is,, what is that in? .. and so on.    Nothing is real at all!

And by the way,, E only equals a symbol we have decided to call " E " Just as all the other made up stuff we use to make us feel more comfortable about existing and not knowing why. Smile,, someday we will all be, no more.
Zephir. The BB-ers actually support the aether theory, in that space is an actual material which can expand and take matter along with it.

The problem is, if something expands, why doesn't it continue to expand at the same rate forever (since there is always the same mass). A lot of BB fudge is needed to waffle that away.
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